Can you see who viewed your Facebook Story?

How Facebook tells you who has viewed your story and where you can see this, what “Other Viewers” is, and why you cannot see who the “others” are.

Facebook has developed drastically over the years, which has meant adjusting to the changes made by new applications that have come out since it.

Facebook also now has a Stories feature, where people can post stories like with Instagram and Snapchat, and Facebook Friends can view your story too.

For those who do not know, Stories is a feature whereby users can post videos and photos compiled in one story, and others can view it and engage by commenting or liking it. Facebook users may be wondering if they can see who has viewed their Facebook Story.

Seeing views on your Facebook Story

Just like with the apps that introduced stories, Facebook soon followed suit and introduced the feature too, which allows users to post a story and have their friends view their story, and like it or comment on it.

For those who are wondering if you can see who has viewed your Facebook Story, the answer is yes, you can, but only you as the poster will know who has viewed your story and nobody else.

This is the same with all other apps with this feature. Only you can see.

Can you see who viewed your Facebook Story?

Since Facebook introduced its new Stories feature, following in the footsteps of other applications such as Snapchat and Instagram, users have taken kindly to sharing their Facebook Stories on their profiles for friends to see.

Facebook Stories can also be linked to your Instagram, meaning that you can post an Instagram Story and share the same story on your Facebook with audiences seeing the same content on both platforms.

Facebook states that only you will be able see who has viewed your Facebook Story and to do this, you will need to go to the stories section at the top of your feed, click on your story, and the viewers who have seen your story will be listed below Story Details on the right-hand side.

If you do not see this, it means no one has seen your story yet.

What does “Other Viewers” mean?

In a case where you see “Other Viewers,” it simply means that there are people who viewed your Facebook Story who are not your Facebook Friends.

These can be your followers or anyone on Facebook or Facebook Messenger. When this happens, it is likely that your Facebook account is set to public, opening up your profile to anybody on Facebook to access it.

Will you be able to see Other Viewers profiles?

If you have received views from other viewers outside of your Facebook Friends community, you will be curious to know who they are and want to visit their profiles to gather more information about them.

Unfortunately, it might be difficult, as Facebook will keep their identities confidential, meaning you will not be able to see who they are. This may seem very invasive, given that they had easy access to your story.

The best thing to do to prevent this would be to ensure your Facebook account is set to private.

What is the Direct feature all about?

For those who want more control over who gets to see their Facebook Stories, they can set up the Direct feature. This is an in-app messaging platform that allows you to send photos and videos to a select few people.

Stories can also be shared on Direct temporarily and your Friends will still be able to view it, comment, replay it and like it, similarly to the Close friends feature on Instagram.

It is important to note that it will disappear within 24 hours like stories normally would. Facebook encourages people to use Direct for sharing their stories.

Final thoughts

Facebook users are now also enjoying the perks of the stories feature, which was originally introduced by platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

This allows users to share their photos and videos on their story for their friends and other Facebook users to view and engage with by commenting and liking.

Like other apps, Facebook will tell you who has viewed your Facebook Story as well as how many views it received from those who are not your immediate friends on the app.

These viewers are called “Other Viewers.” You will, however, unfortunately not be able to view their profiles.