Candice Modiselle explains Selle Jewellery does not need piercings

Candice Modiselle demystified suggestions that her new jewellery line, Selle, requires one to be pierced in order to buy the nose accessories.

Candice Modiselle took to Instagram on Saturday, 25 September 2021, to discuss the ongoing question of where she gets her nose rings and accessories from. Modiselle is known for her love for nose accessories, which range from nose rings to differently styled septum or nose bull rings. The actress and presenter affirmed that all the nose accessories she wears are from her newly launched nose accessories and jewellery line, Selle.

Modiselle opened the new online business venture in June 2021. The store has affirmed that it can ship the product to anywhere in South Africa. Moreover, a hack which Modiselle affirmed during the latest video was the fact that the nose accessories from Selle do not require the customer to actually be pierced. This is as the nose accessories are fitted with a clutch to ensure they stay secured on the nose.

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