Candice Modiselle mistaken for Bontle Modiselle again

Candice Modiselle had to correct a Twitter user on who she is, as she was mistaken for her sister, Bontle Modiselle.

Candice Modiselle took to Twitter on Tuesday, 27 July 2021, to correct a Twitter user who mistakened her for her sister, Bontle Moloi (née Modiselle). The two sisters are part of the popular Modiselle sisters, alongside their elder sister, Refiloe. Between them, Bontle and Candice are often mistaken because of how they look so much alike.

Therefore, when Candice took to Twitter on the day to detail what she aspires to have in a companion, a user questioned whether she is not married to rapper, Priddy Ugly. Candice responded gracefully to the continued confusion, by merely correcting the Twitter user. However, the post then drew multiple reactions from people who had a similar problem of differentiating between the two.

In the past, when the sisters were asked about the matter, they stated that their different passions in the entertainment industry is one way to separate them from each other. However, the most obvious differentiator would be that Bontle has dreadlocks, no matter how they are styled, and Candice continues to explore different hairstyles.

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