Cardi B alleges bots were used to flood her Instagram with pro-Trump comments

Cardi B has been campaigning for citizens of the Unites Stated of America (USA) to vote, recently sharing a video alleging that “this guy” is using bots to flood her Instagram with pro-Trump commentary.

Cardi B has been actively campaigning for USA citizens to make their voices heard by voting in the primary elections. On Wednesday, 3 June 2020, she shared a video on Instagram of the resistance to her social media campaign.

The Bodak Yellow rapper’s comments section was flooded with pro-Trump sentiments. Cardi B alleged, in her caption, that “this guy” is using bots, which are fake profiles usually created to inflate a persons’ following, to flood her timeline with “voters” saying they will vote to keep the current president.

The post came shortly after Cardi B expressed shock that amid the unrest, the president appeared more concerned about receiving birthday wishes than anything else. This was after a YouTube commercial popped up asking people to send in their well-wishes.

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