Cardi B outraged by media report suggesting she is promoting violence

Cardi B was shocked to find out that news publication, KTLA, had shared a snippet of one of her videos to make it appear, according to the rapper, that she was promoting violence.

Cardi B was surprised to hear from one of her Twitter followers on Tuesday, 2 June 2020, that a news outlet had shared a snippet of one of her Instagram Live videos to suggest that she is promoting violent protests. The Money rapper asked the Twitter user to share the link to the video so she could publicly shame the news outlet for their narrative.

Eventually, Cardi B’s fan base found and shared the video with her. The video snippet shared was strategically edited so as to support the narrative taken by the publication. KTLA anchor, Doug Kolk, stated, “This as rapper, Cardi B, used her massive platform to promote the violence.”

His voiceover cut out Cardi B slamming the violence and going on to encourage people to vote as a means of changing the systematic oppression.

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