Cardi B pairs fringe hairstyle with headscarf in Instagram video

Cardi B took to Instagram to showcase how she paired a fringe hairstyle with a headscarf at home, whilst confronting the alleged criticism over her Billboard Woman Of The Year nod.

Cardi B took to Instagram on Wednesday, 18 November 2020, and showcased her new fringe hairstyle, which she paired with a headscarf. The WAP hitmaker used the video to address the criticism she has been facing since being tapped to win the 2020 Billboard Woman Of The Year award.

However, one thing that stood out was how stay-at-home Cardi B still manages to stay versatile with her hair looks. In an earlier video of her time at home, Cardi B humorously celebrated her Reebok sneaker selling out on the first day of its release. In the video, Cardi B also had her hair covered loosely with a headscarf.

The headscarves seem to be the stay-at-home motif for the star, as she has merely been changing her hairstyles and donning different headscarves in her posts. The last time the star dressed in full glam, according to her social media posts, was a few weeks back when she was promoting her then upcoming Reebok sneaker collaboration.

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