Cardi B shares her appreciation for hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez

Cardi B has credited celebrity hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez, for many of her unique and creative looks, which she claims she achieved with just a picture as a reference.

Cardi B took to Instagram on Tuesday, 22 September 2020, to share a close-up video of her unique hairstyle, done by celebrity hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez. The multi-award-winning rapper captioned the video, “[I] love my hair. I send Tokyo Stylez a [picture] of this hairstyle and she executes!”

The latest hairstyle donned by the WAP hitmaker saw her wearing a long, black wig with white pearls throughout. The top of her hair had pearl detailing which complemented her braids, with strands of pearls also being wrapped down the braids which fell to the longer section of her wig.

Cardi B’s creative hairstyle matched her equally unique nails, which also had a pearl design that matched her hair. Tokyo Stylez has created multiple hairstyles for the musician, which she has showcased in music videos and at events. She was also responsible for the pink heart hairstyle that Cardi B sported in August 2020, which went viral on social media.

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