Cardi B showcases natural hair growth and green manicure

Cardi B showcased her natural hair growth in a recent Instagram post, whilst showing off her freshly done, lengthy green manicure.

Cardi B shared an Instagram post on Monday, 8 June 2020, where she showed off her natural hair. Her sleek black hair was styled straight and worn with a middle part. She captioned the post, “The end results of all that sh*t I put on my hair earlier. Treat your hair ladies …and don’t let a [man] tell you sh*t about wearing wigs. It helps with hair growth a lot!”

The rapper was referencing an Instagram Live video she had shared earlier in the day, where she was seen using a range of haircare products to treat her hair. She also emphasised the importance of using wigs as protective hairstyles, as they allow for your natural hair to grow without any chemical products or straightening. The picture also showcased Cardi B’s extra long nails, which were line green and square-shaped.

See the image of Cardi B’s natural hair and green manicure below.