Carine Rous details her character in M-Net’s Inconceivable, Rachel Bishop

Carine Rous will be portraying one of the lead characters on M-Net’s Inconceivable, Rachel Bishop, whom she describes as confident and calculated.

Carine Rous is one of the leading women in M-Net’s upcoming drama series, Inconceivable, premiering on Thursday, 3 September 2020. The actress will be taking on the role of Rachel Bishop, a pregnant woman who has done unimaginable things to achieve the life she has always wanted.

In a video shared by M-Net on Saturday, 8 August 2020, Carine stated, “You have an inkling of what she is going to be in the beginning, but she covers it up quite well and knows how to keep up appearances and, slowly, the mask comes off.”

The actress stated that she needed to find the human aspect of the character prior to assuming the role, as her moral compass occasionally kicks in when she appears to be doing the wrong thing.

Watch the video below.