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Carmen Villalobos shares skincare routine using L’Bel products

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Carmen Villalobos has shared her detailed skincare routine in a promotional post for skin and beauty brand, L’Bel, disclosing all the products she used in the caption.

Carmen Villalobos took to Instagram on Sunday, 31 May 2020, to share a promotional post for skin and beauty brand, L’Bel, whilst detailing how she uses the brand’s products for her skincare routine. The Colombian model and actress explained that she starts every morning with a facial routine using the brand’s products to prepare and rejuvenate her skin for the day ahead. The products used by the actress include the Essential Cleanser, Essential Tonic, Essential Moisturizer, Essential Eye Contour, and the Essential Solar Defence Protector.

Carmen stated, “Remember a good facial routine is important to start your day, it makes your skin ready for all the things you have to do.” The actress is known to sport minimal makeup in her everyday life, and often opts for a bold lip or eye for events.

See the images of Carmen Villalobos’ skincare routine below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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