Cassper Nyovest is Twitter’s favourite new meme

Cassper Nyovest’s shirtless gym post has been turned into the meme of the week by tweeps.

Rapper Cassper Nyovest is no stranger to having his social media posts turned into memes by tweeps. On Thursday, 30 August 2018, the Gets Getsa 2.0 hitmaker shared his weight loss journey with his 2 million online followers. He posted a shirtless photograph of himself at the gym, as an example of how far he has come in the last three years towards reaching his ideal physique. However, within a few hours of his post, tweeps had already begun turning his photograph into an assortment of memes.

In his first post on Thursday, Nyovest accused his celebrity pal, Pearl Thusi of trying to steer him off his diet. He wrote, “I didn’t look like this 12 weeks ago. Having friends like [email protected] didn’t make it any easier cause she kept on dissing my boring diet , tryna force me to Relax and have some McDonald’s hahaha!!!  Anyway, time to cut!!! Next phase!!! Another 12 weeks!!! Let’s see!!! What else?”. Thusi replied, writing, “Why are you lying?!?????.” Nyovest then continued to tease the actress, replying, “I can’t believe you gonna deny this. You was tryna get me to eat Mcdonalds. Tried to force a chip in my mouth. The warm Salt bambad my lip. I almost gave in mara it’s alright. I’ll forgive you cause I want free tickets to see Scorpion King when it drops ?.”

However, Nyovest came off second best from the exchange, as tweeps took the opportunity to photoshop a t-shirt emblazoned with Thusi’s image onto his shirtless pose. He replied to the meme, tweeting, “HahAhaha… My haters have arrived.” The backlash didn’t end there though as many more sent in their altered pictures. One user went so far as to add a ‘beer belly’ to Nyovest’s look by stretching out and distorting the original image.

Regardless of what his ‘haters’ think, Nyovest shared a before and after post on Friday morning. He captioned the images, “I’ve been on the weight loss journey for a while and It’s been a learning curve of about 3 years. 3 months ago, I started a weight training program with @tumiseeco and what can I say man? The picture speaks for itself. A whole new body altogether. I didn’t just burn fat , I built so much muscle. I can’t believe it myself. #TrustTheProcess. It’s officially #BullySeason #GetsGetsa20.”