Cast of The Flipping El Moussas

Tarek and Heather El Moussa co-star in The Flipping El Moussas, but the show also features other family members and the crew.

The Flipping El Moussas is more than just another flipping and home renovation show. The show gives fans an intimate look into the lives of its hosts, Tarek and Heather Rae El Moussa.

The show follows Tarek and Heather in both their professional lives in the real-estate business and their lives as a growing new family.

About The Flipping El Moussas

HGTV fans should recognize Tarek El Moussa from some of his other renovation shows like Flip or Flop and Flipping 101 With Tarek El Moussa.

But his new docuseries “The Flipping El Moussas” delves even deeper into the star’s personal and professional life.

This series not only promises to give fans more of what they want in terms of some impressive home renovations and designs, but also to give some newfound insight into the dynamic lives of its hosts outside of their busy flipping and real-estate careers.

Cast of The Flipping El Moussas

Tarek is not the only member of the El Moussa family who is at the center of The Flipping El Moussas, as his wife, Heather Rae El Moussa, co-stars in the show alongside him.

This real-estate power couple officially tied the knot in 2021 and has been toying with the idea of doing a show together ever since.

Although Heather has made appearances on some of Tarek’s other shows in the past and she is definitely used to being on camera from her own Netflix hit show, Selling Sunset, The Flipping El Moussas is the first instance of the couple officially co-starring on their own show.

She show chronicles Heather’s entry into the flipping industry, but her eye for upscale design and high-end finishes certainly ups the ante when it comes to the flipping projects that they tackle on the show.

Heather has even jokingly said in interviews that filming for The Flipping El Moussas has been a great way for her and Tarek to spend “even more” time together throughout the day.

Since Tarek and Heather both have extensive experience in filming for real-estate based television shows, they have decided to include much more of their personal lives in this series (including their struggle with infertility) alongside the usual home renovation process and general tips for the real-estate business.

For this reason, fans can expect to see glimpses of Tarek’s children (which he had with his ex-wife and Flip or Flop co-star, Christina Hall) as well as the standard builders, buyers, designers and construction crew, in the show.

The El Moussa children

For fans who have followed Tarek and Heather closely over the years, one of the most exciting aspects about The Flipping El Moussas has been that fans will get a glimpse into the El Moussa family dynamic.

This is because Tarek’s children Brayden El Moussa and Taylor El Moussa are featured so heavily in the show.

Brayden and Taylor are also certainly used to having cameras around, but now fans can see just how much they have grown and changed since the Flip or Flop days.

Throughout the course of the show, fans will also get to see Tarek and Heather welcome a brand new member to the family.

The other cast members on the show

Though the El Moussas are certainly the backbone of The Flipping El Moussas, the kinds of flipping projects that they take on in the show require many hands.

Some of the other cast members that you can expect to see in the show include:

Role Cast members
Other family members
  • Teresa Young and Dan Young (Heather’s mother and father)
  • Dominique El Moussa (Tarek’s mother)
  • Omar Lopez
  • Rejoy Marsella
  • Peti Lau
  • Nate Fischer
  • Israel Battres
  • Israel Ibarra
  • Tim Aiu
  • Johnny Ybarra
  • Karo Kalpakyn

Will Tarek and Heather still be on Flipping 101 and Selling Sunset?

Fortunately, filming The Flipping El Moussas has not interfered with the rest of the El Moussas’ busy schedules. Fans will still be able to tune in to watch Tarek on a new season of Flipping 101 and Heather on the new season of Selling Sunset.

Flipping 101’s renewal for a third season has already been confirmed and fans can expect to see Tarek continue to dole out his famous expert advice to amateur flippers who have bitten off more than they can chew from May 4, 2023, on HGTV.

Moreover, Selling Sunset has already been renewed for a sixth and seventh season, which means that there should be plenty more high-end properties for Heather and the other estate agents on the show to sell.