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Catherine McBroom addresses Twitter user’s comment in response to pregnancy images

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Catherine McBroom, of The Ace Family, took a Twitter user to task for attempting to ridicule her for her pregnancies, claiming that she and husband, Austin McBroom, have a baby every year.

Catherine McBroom posted a series images from her latest maternity photoshoot on Twitter on Monday, 25 May 2020. While the majority of the comments were congratulatory responses from fans of The Ace Family, one Twitter user attempted to sully the moment. Catherine and Austin McBroom are preparing to welcome their third child, reportedly their first son.

In a since-deleted post, the Twitter user commented on the images from the maternity photoshoot by tweeting, “This girl pops up with a new kid every year.” Catherine, who is no stranger to facing the full brunt of social media’s criticism, received support from her fans for her response. “I’m a grown, married woman turning 30 this year, about to be done with having children and while we’re just happily living our lives, you’re here discussing people and making memes,” she tweeted.

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