Channel O’s Podcast and Chill features T’bo Touch, not DJ Fresh

Podcast and Chill with MacG: Celebrity Edition is set to feature seasoned broadcaster, T’bo Touch, and not DJ Fresh, as MacG had previously indicated.

Podcast with MacG took to Twitter on Wednesday, 29 September 2021, to confirm that the celebrity guest set to be interviewed during Podcast and Chill with MacG: Celebrity Edition was T’bo Touch. The announcement of T’bo Touch was made ahead of the televised hour-long special on Channel O. This particular episode marked the third episode as part of the deal between Channel O and Podcast with MacG.

While Channel O viewers welcomed the airing of the episode featuring T’bo Touch, fans of the YouTube extension of the show were surprised that T’bo Touch was the guest. This is as during the Monday episode of the YouTube-based channel, MacG affirmed that DJ Fresh would front the upcoming celebrity edition of Podcast and Chill. Therefore, when the featured guest was T’bo Touch, YouTube fans wondered what happened to the interview they were promised.

However, it seems that the televised episode was done in order for the channel to avoid backlash, in light of the drama and accusations surrounding DJ Fresh. This is as on the same day, Podcast with MacG released the After Chillers with DJ Jaws interview, which revealed that it is still all systems go with the DJ Fresh interview, which will go live on YouTube on Thursday, 30 September 2021.

Watch the post-interview insert below.

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