Cheer: Why did Andy leave Navarro?

In season two, Cheer’s assistant coach, Andy Cosferent left the Netflix docuseries and the Navarro team to explore more individual business pursuits.


Cheer is a popular Netflix docuseries which premiered on the paid-subscription video-on-demand platform in 2020. The docuseries recently released its second season in January 2022, which focussed on the effects of the lockdown in the athletic world, and it came with a few surprises.

One of them was the coach of the Navarro cheerleaders, Monica Aldama, taking time off to take part in Dancing with the Stars. The biggest surprise of the season however was the departure of assistant coach, Andy Cosferent, as he abruptly left the show mid-season. A departure that was not addressed on the show.

What is Cheer about?

Cheer is a Netflix-original docuseries, which according to IMDb, is premised on, “In the small town of Corsicana, Texas, hard-driving head cheer coach Monica Aldama demands perfection from her team of competitive college athletes.”

One of the highlights from the series was the relationship between Aldama and her assistant coach, Andy Cosferent. Viewers enjoyed when the two would confer by discussing the strengths and weaknesses of all their cheerleaders, and eventually deciding who will make the mat.

To date, there have been two seasons of the show with season two landing on Netflix as a nine-episode season in January 2022.

Cheer: Why did Andy leave Navarro?

For the first season of the show, fans had the opportunity to fall in love with the relationship between Coach Monica and Assistant Coach Andy Cosferent. The scenes of the two conferring about their squad in order to decide who will make the mat are still a highlight.

Therefore, when the second season of the docuseries aired, viewers were hoping this synergy would continue. However, the lockdown placed a halt on all athletic competitions, which the first half of Cheer’s season two focussed on.

Moreover, Aldama was also cast as one of the Dancing with the Stars celebrity dancers. Due to her obligations, she chose former cheerleader Kailee Peppers to take over her role. A role which many believed would be taken over by Andy. However, mid-season two, Andy was not seen on the docuseries anymore.

A matter that was not addressed within the world of the series. If Andy did not announce his new business venture, CheerSource, this could have led to speculations about the reasons for his departure being due to animosity.

What is Andy doing now?

Andy Cosferent’s decision to leave Cheer and the Navarro cheer squad seemed to have been fuelled by him wanting to explore more business ventures relating to cheerleading.

First, he announced the launch of his new app, Cheer, which gives fans of the show the ability to virtually experience being a Navarro cheerleader.

Moreover, he also announced that he is starting his own cheerleading choreography company, CheerSource, through an Instagram post that reads, “I am so honored and excited to embark on this new project and venture! We are going to put in all the work and effort necessary in order to make this a one of a kind experience!”

Will Andy Cosferent return to Cheer?

There is no word on whether Andy Cosferent will return to Cheer if there is a season three of the docuseries. However, it is likely, considering that despite his abrupt departure from the docuseries, Andy has still supported the show publicly through his social media posts.

Not only does he share updates about the show, even in his biography, he maintains his association with the docuseries, especially as the owner of the Cheer app. Nevertheless, nothing of his return has been alluded to as of yet.

Will there be a season three of Cheer?

To date, Netflix has yet to confirm if the cheerleading-centric docuseries, Cheer, is set to return with a third season. However, considering that the second season was released earlier in the month of January 2022 and the major changes in cast that took place, the service might just be waiting to see its performance before making a decision on a third instalment.

That being said, the show is popular considering its 8.1 out of 10 rating on IMDb. Moreover, the production team is believed to have shot for two years after the first season, so there is definitely content.


Cheer is the cheerleading-centric docuseries from Netflix, which is popular amongst its subscribers. First premiering in 2020, the docuseries has two seasons so far, with fans already clambering for a third.

The biggest change that occurred in season two was the abrupt mid-season exit of beloved assistant coach, Andy Cosferent. Andy is believed to have left in order to explore his own individual business pursuits, as he launched the Cheer app and his own cheerleading choreography company, CheerSource.