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Cici shows financial pressure on men in relationships in Hamba Naye music video, featuring Mafikizolo

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Cici’s music video for Hamba Naye, featuring Mafikizolo, shows how men are often made to feel insecure by society if they are not as rich as their partners.

Cici’s Hamba Naye music video, featuring Mafikizolo, premiered on Friday, 19 February 2021. The music video sees the songstress dressed in a flamboyant outfit, complete with a headpiece, as she performs her solo verses in front of a waterfall background. The featured duo, Mafikizolo, performs in a forest setting. The collaborators come together towards the end of the video to deliver the final chorus, as the vibrancy of their outfits in that setting gives off a pleasing aesthetic.

The music video tells the story of a man and woman meeting at a party, unaware of one another’s backgrounds. Soon, it is revealed that the woman is from a wealthy family, whilst the man comes from a low-income household with no money to pay for a meal. Understanding this, the woman still wants to be with him and is embraced by his mother who is happy to accept her.

This, however, is often not the case when he visits her home, where her father gives him money for transportation and asks him to leave immediately. As he is about to leave, the man saves his girlfriend’s father from being hit by a reversing car, ultimately changing his opinion of him.

Watch the Hamba Naye music video below.

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