Connie Ferguson celebrates the upcoming launch of Basetsana Kumalo’s book

South African actress and businesswoman, Connie Ferguson, took to Instagram to celebrate the upcoming launch of her friend and businesswoman, Basetsana Kumalo’s book.

On Monday, 12 August 2019, acclaimed South African actress and businesswoman, Connie Ferguson, reposted the promotional video of fellow businesswoman and friend, Basetsana Kumalo’s upcoming book launch, celebrating and congratulating her on the achievement. Connie Ferguson shared the promotional video on her Instagram page, which was originally shared by her long-time friend, Basetsana, who is affectionately known by her fans as Bassie.

The promotional video features Bassie revealing the details of the book and explaining the reasons for writing the memoir, titled Bassie, My Journey of Hope. The former Miss South Africa expressed her dedications for the upcoming book and ended off with the launch month of the book, which has been revealed as October 2019.

Connie Ferguson reposted the promotional video, celebrating the new accomplishment, accompanying the repost with a heart-felt message. Connie congratulated Basetsana and praised her for motivating both the young and mature audience. She said that she plans to buy her own copy in support of the new author and that she will personally ask Bassie to sign the book and therefore does not want Bassie to give her a copy for free.

“This is one read I’m looking forward to. Thank you Bassie for being inspiring for [the] young and mature alike. Love you to the moon and back. I don’t want a free signed copy. I will buy a copy, and have you sign it for me,” Connie captioned.