Connie Ferguson covers the August issue of Bona magazine

On Monday, 22 July 2019, South African actress and businesswoman, Connie Ferguson, revealed that she is the cover star for the August issue of Bona magazine, in light of women’s month.  

Connie Ferguson shared the news in a series of posts on her social media pages, encouraging people to get copies of the August issue of the magazine, which is now available for purchase. She captioned the post, “The August issue of Bona magazine is out and on shelves now! Be sure to grab yourself a copy!”.

In the issue, Connie talks about ageism, opening up the industry, and the challenges of starting a production company. The topics also include different stories from other women through different walks of life who also discuss the issues in depth.

Connie is best known for her acting roles as Karabo on Generations and Generations: The Legacy when it relaunched, Mavis on Rockville, and most recently, Harriet Khoza on The Queen. Some of the productions were launched under the production company she co-owns with her husband, Shona Ferguson, called Ferguson Films.

Previous magazine covers that Connie featured on include the September 2018 issue of Forbes Woman Africa. Asked about how she remains relevant over the years, Connie replied by saying that it is because her career comes first in all that she does and she does not put much emphasis on fame, but rather, on her craft.

The issue is available in isiXhosa, isiZulu and English.