Connie Ferguson proud to be called “DiMamzo” in video by husband, Shona

Connie Ferguson, who stars as the lead on The Queen, has asserted that she is not bothered by aging, stating that she considers being called “DiMamzo” a blessing.

Connie Ferguson shared a video on her Instagram page on the set of Ferguson Films’ hit telenovela, The Queen, on Wednesday, 20 May 2020. The video was taken by her husband and business partner, Shona Ferguson, who captured her in a body-hugging dress from acclaimed South African design house, Cinnel. Towards the end of the video, Shona can be heard saying, in appreciation, “Aow DiMamzo,” with Connie laughing back at him.

In her caption to the post, Connie Ferguson reflected on the significance of being called DiMamzo. The word is a colloquial tsotsi taal term of endearment used to show respect to elderly women. Connie, who will be turning 50 years old in June, stated that being called “DiMamzo” is a “blessing,” as many now call her that on and off set.

Watch the video below.