Connie Ferguson shares tribute post after passing of family dog, King Jesse

Connie Ferguson shared a tribute post dedicated to the family dog, King Jesse, following the passing of the 14-year-old pet which was especially close to her youngest daughter, Alicia.

Connie Ferguson, on Thursday, 28 May 2020, shared a touching tribute to King Jesse, the family dog which has been part of the Ferguson family for the past 14 years. This is according to the touching post that The Queen lead actress shared on Instagram.

The fitness enthusiast shared recent images of King Jesse with the caption, “A good 14 years with you! Thank you for being our best friend, Alicia’s ride or die for most of her life, and the strongest, bravest dog ever! You are indeed royalty! Rest in power King Jesse. Thank you for the memories!”

One comment explained that 14 years in a dog’s life is the equivalent of 70 years in human life. This was in an attempt to comfort the Fergusons by suggesting that King Jesse had lived a long life.

See Connie Ferguson’s post below.