Conversation starters with your ex-girlfriend

How you can start a conversation with your ex-girlfriend, in the hopes that she will actually want to talk to you too without it being too awkward.


When a relationship with a lover comes to an end, depending on why this has happened, it can be devastating for the both of you. Especially if the relationship was a serious one with the potential to lead to something beyond just dating. Breakups have never been pleasant.

Even so, what if you have ended a relationship with someone and now find yourself wishing you could be able to talk to them again? This could be because you might miss them or just want to check in to see how they are, because they have been in your thoughts.

Talking to an ex

Figuring out how to approach a situation whereby you want to start talking to your ex again can be one of the scariest things to do. It could be that your relationship did not end on good terms and you might have been the reason for it. Gathering up the courage to reach out to them will be daunting. For some though, this could be a rekindling of a relationship that might still be meant to be and just what the two of you need to get the ball rolling in the right direction of love again.

Conversation starters with your ex-girlfriend

Talking to an ex-girlfriend will not be easy. Reasons for this could be that you possibly could have broken her heart when the relationship ended, and so you might not be sure if talking to you again is something she could be up to. So, opening yourself up to the possibility that she might not be open to talking to you again should be something to consider. In the case that you do sum up the courage to at least try, there are some conversation starters that can help to get the conversation going and make it easy for the both of you to ease back into talking to each other again. It will be scary and intimidating at first but knowing the right things to talk about for both of you to remain comfortable will help to relieve any tension and awkwardness.

Talk about life

Catching up about life, how it has been and what she has been up to, is a good way to start a conversation with an ex-girlfriend. You could ask her about how life has been for her since the breakup and what she has been doing. Taking an interest in whether she is in a place where she is happy with where she is could potentially make her feel comfortable with talking to you again. Showing her that you care to be interested in what her life now looks like, can make a good impression on her.

Make her laugh

If you know and still remember just how to make her laugh, this could also be a great approach to getting a conversation going with her. Making sure to use the humour you know she liked about you, can stir up some better memories of all the times you made her laugh. This approach can especially work in your favour if you are looking to rekindle your relationship, depending on how it might have ended and if you are sure she does not hate you. Using your humour could play to your best advantage winning her over.

Convince her you have changed

In the case that you might be looking to win your ex-girlfriend back, if you had initially wronged her leading to your breakup, a conversation starter would be to try and convince her that you have since changed and are looking for a possible second chance. This one can be tricky to work around, as it will depend on the extent to which you could have hurt her and if she feels it is worth giving you another chance. The best way to approach this conversation is to begin by apologising for hurting her.


Relationships are never perfect, but breakups are just as hard. There will be times when you will miss an ex lover following a breakup. In the moments when you miss them the most, those who are courageous enough can find themselves reaching out to an ex and talking again.

Depending on why and how the relationship ended, there are conversation starters you can use to attempt talking to your ex girlfriend again. This could be to mend the relationship and hope for a second chance or to rekindle a flame that had never died out in the first place.