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Cutting Edge: Drug mule details traumatic past experiences

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Cutting Edge’s Tuesday night episode saw a woman detailing her experience as a drug mule from South Africa, explaining that she was often left without food for up to three days.

Cutting Edge’s latest episode, which aired on SABC 1 on Tuesday, 7 July 2020, followed a woman who had worked as a drug mule from South Africa. She explained that she was employed by a narcotics kingpin who would assign them on missions to cross borders with drugs hidden on their bodies. With the drugs strategically concealed on their bodily orifices, they were expected to make it past security, risking the possibility of being jailed.

She then went on to detail the situations they were put in after they managed to successfully move the drugs between countries, explaining that the drug lords took no interest in their wellbeing. She stated that she was left alone in unfamiliar countries, often with no food for up to three days.

Watch the preview of the latest episode of Cutting Edge below.

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