Dawn Thandeka King shares update on road to recovery

Dawn Thandeka King has revealed that she is on the road to recovery, following a knee injury which required her to be on bed rest for three months. 

Dawn Thandeka King took to Instagram on Saturday, 7 August 2021, to share a video detailing her progress to recovery. In June 2021, the star revealed that she was suffering with health issues which rendered her unable to continue shooting the new hit telenovela, DiepCity. Her initial post did not disclose her ailment, however, the star later revealed that she had suffered a knee injury which rendered her unable to fulfil her acting duties for three months.

Her latest post served to confirm that she is healing, specifically, that she can finally bend her knee after three months of wearing a cast. In the video, King showcased the pain and effort she needs to make in order to bend her knee. In her caption, she reflected on the journey towards healing, writing, “Hhayi shem, I’d rather give natural birth again, at least there, you push once and you are done, but this, I have to do everyday until the knee works again…”

See the post below.