Days of our Lives: What book is Belle reading to Marlena?

In Days of our Lives, when Belle reads to Marlena in her hospital bed, it is the same book, called The Secret Garden, which her mother used to read to her.

Days of our Lives has been such a successful show for so long because the storylines on the show are simply too engaging for audiences to stop watching.

Marlena has been one of the characters on the show with the most outrageous storylines throughout the years. But now that she is ill and in the hospital, Belle decided to read The Secret Garden to her while she sleeps.

Why do people watch Days of our Lives?

Days of our Lives has been on the air for more than five decades and it is still one of the most popular soap operas in the United States. The show has even adjusted to changing times and has recently moved to the streaming service, Peacock.

Many people still watch Days of our Lives after all of this time because they cannot bear missing out on an episode and risk not finding out how a fight ends, how a scheme plays out, how a relationship develops, or who will die or come back from the brink of death inexplicably.

Days of our Lives: What book is Belle reading to Marlena?

As a staple of the daytime soap opera genre, Days of our Lives has had many interesting, over-the-top, and plain outrageous storylines in its 14000 plus episodes.

One of the characters on the show who always seems to be involved in these crazy storylines is Marlena Evans.

Marlena has been involved in many different circumstances over the years, including being possessed (twice), surviving a fall from a window, falling into a years-long coma, surviving a plane crash, being targeted by a serial killer, being brainwashed, and surviving several kidnappings.

However, in more recent episodes of the show, Marlena can be seen as a fairly frail and ill old lady who is on the verge of death.

In fact, in the most recent episode of Days of our Lives which aired on 19 January 2023, Belle rushes to the hospital just as Marlena is revived after a code blue is called and Eric informs her that Marlena is not doing well at all.

Heartbroken by the shock of seeing her ailing mother, Belle decides that she will read to Marlena while she sleeps.

The book that she picks to read to her mother is called The Secret Garden and it is written by author, Frances Hodgson Burnett. It is evident that this book is significant to the both of them.

Days of our Lives: What book is Belle reading to Marlena?
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Why does Belle choose this book to read to her mother?

It is clear from the first moments when Belle arrives at the hospital to visit her mother that she feels guilty for staying in South Africa for as long as she did. It is also evident that she is very overwhelmed by seeing her mother so ill.

This is why she decides to read The Secret Garden to her mother while she closes her eyes, since Marlena read the same book to her when she was a child to help her fall asleep.

What happens after Belle finishes reading the book?

By the time that Belle finishes reading the entire book to her mother, she is so emotional that she breaks down and even ends up begging her mother not to leave her. This is where this heart-warming scene in Marlena’s hospital room ends.

Fortunately, after the tragic scenes at the hospital play out, there is a small glimmer of hope when Allie gets a text from Brady telling her that Kristen had been arrested for attempted murder.

However, the family’s relief is interrupted yet again when the doctors rush to Marlena’s room for another code blue.

When will the next episode of Days of our Lives air?

At the end of this action-packed episode, the doctors work to revive Marlena and Allie, the rest of the family gathers to pray for her, and viewers get to see a montage of flashbacks from John and Marlena’s life on their screen.

At this point, this seems to indicate that Marlena’s storyline on the show has finally come to an end and that she will be joining Kate and Kayla as Kristen’s murder victims by the time the next episode of Days of our Lives airs.

However, the storylines on Days of our Lives are known to be unpredictable and the only way to know for sure what will happen to Marlena is to watch the next episodes of Days of our Lives, which premiere on weekdays at 6:00 a.m. ET or 3:00 a.m. PT on Peacock.