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Denise Zimba details her pregnancy and birthing journey

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Denise Zimba details her pregnancy and birthing journey

On Monday, 22 July 2019, Denise Zimba took to Instagram to openly share about her pregnancy journey, giving birth and the name of her new born child.

South African media personality, Denise Zimba, gave birth to her first child on Monday, 1 July 2019. In an Instagram post, Denise shared the struggles that came with conceiving and birthing her child, as well as the bodily experience of a woman giving birth.

In describing the journey, Denise mentioned that, “it is one of the most extraordinary, undeniably magical experiences one can experience”, further stating that it is also one of the biggest challenges one could ever experience.  On bodily experience, Denise made mention of the fact that one faces tremendous changes during pregnancy. She remains in awe imagining the fact that some women carry more than one child at once. What has always left Denise in shock is the fact that it’s predominantly spoken about that women’s bodies are built for pregnancy and thus they can take it with all the changes. That, according to Denise, does not justify or guarantee an easy process.

Being pregnant took Denise on a journey of emotional and physical trauma. She described how, at times, she felt like harming herself as a result. Some of those traumatic experiences came in the form of endless aches and pains, depression, skin discolouration and stretch marks, noting that the experience drove her to the tip of giving up.

In the end it was, however, worth it when she gave birth to her baby named Leah Lilli-Rose Schlightig.

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Conceiving and birthing a child is one big trip! It is one of the most extraordinary, undeniably magical experiences one can experience BUT IT IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I HAVE YET TO EXPERIENCE. To imagine what ones body can do, what it goes through … it’s incredible to know of women who have carried multiple humans at once … Your body goes through immense pressure and reconstruction. Your mind is constantly on over drive to support the body and encourage the heart. It’s always painted as “well a woman’s body is built for it, many have done it”- that killed me every time I was told that. Just because I can, does not mean it is not difficult. From the beginning of this journey I thought ”with all the things women have to deal with as it is in society … “ It’s heart breaking to know of woman who do this alone … It’s scary. It is truly a life or death experience – and nobody talks about pregnancy and it’s truth … I felt like jumping out of a moving car many times, or taking a knife and cutting my stomach open. I felt trapped and isolated. I was so angry with my partner at times, where I couldn’t stand the sight of him. I was angry at myself for being so conceited in my ego and the idea of perfection, which was slowly being humbled by endless aches and pains, stretch marks, skin discoloring, hair loss, weight gain, limping, emergency hospital trips, depression, anxiety, just borderline ready to give up. And then … then you hear a heart beat, and feel little kicks and turns, the hiccups that has your stomach constantly pulsing, and your tears fall down your face because it feels so amazing, that it’s the only way your joy releases itself. How fortunate I am to receive this honor, and my body to actually be able to do this. I look at my nephew and nieces and I couldn’t imagine my life without them, the hugs and kisses I desperately desire from them all the time… And now I have one to call my own. You were worth it! Welcome Leah Lilli-Rose Schlichtig.

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