Derek Watts details his experience on M-Net’s Legacy

Derek Watts appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of Legacy, where he portrayed himself hosting a fictional show, evidently stepping out of his comfort zone and into the acting world.

Derek Watts and M-Net shared a series of YouTube videos after the latest episode of Legacy, which aired on Wednesday, 7 October 2020. The Carte Blanche presenter took on a cameo role, which he said was completely different to what he does on the set of Carte Blanche.

He claimed that although he played himself in a role similar to his regular job, the production involved a lot more elements – something he was not used to. Derek stated that on Carte Blanche, the production team comprises four people, whereas on Legacy, if there are any mistakes, it sets off a domino effect on the extensive team.

Derek was then joined by Michele Botes, who plays Angelique Price, who questioned him about his first time on set. When asked how he would describe his experience, he stated, “It was frightening… Absolutely frightening. I’m not used to so many people around, all doing wonderful jobs which I don’t understand. You [also] have the pressure that if you get it wrong, they have to do the whole thing again.”

Watch the videos below.