Did BritBox drop Good Morning Britain?

BritBox did not drop Good Morning Britain, but at the beginning of the year, the show took a hiatus due to a rise in Omicron COVID-19 internal infections.

As the world has shifted to embrace the “new normal”, it can be easy to forget how uncertain the past two years have been globally.

One of the remaining effects that time is slow in rectifying is the delays and hiatus’ taken by popular shows around the world.

One hiatus in particular that came as a surprise was that of Good Morning Britain in December 2021, which led to the belief that it was removed from BritBox.

But this hiatus was as a result of the current affairs. The news show did not share the matter of its hiatus through the show but circulated official word in various publications.

Can I watch Good Morning Britain live on BritBox?

Good Morning Britain was introduced on BritBox in 2018, a year after the introduction of the leading English paid subscription video-on-demand platform, which was meant to compete with Acorn TV.

However, as a video-on-demand streaming service, there are some limitations in terms of the viewing experience.

This is as you cannot live watch news events on BritBox as it is not a television cordless streaming service. Instead, what is available are highlights from the live show and the weekly news recap on This Morning: This Week.

Watch Good Morning Britain on BritBox

Did BritBox drop Good Morning Britain?

BritBox did not drop Good Morning Britain as it is currently available to watch on the English streaming platform. The question dates back to late December 2021 into January 2022, as the news and current affairs show had confirmed a temporary hiatus of the show’s screening.

This was attributed to the confirmation that on-air host, Sean Fletcher, had tested positive for COVID-19 during the height and uncertainty of the new strand, Omicron. Omicron hit countries in Europe and South Africa particularly hard.

There was uncertainty as to the extent of the danger of the then newly-populace strand that was causing world-wide fear.

Moreover, if you couple this with the added pressures of short-staffing as it was the festive season and quarantining was mandated at the time for anyone that had tested positive, this resulted in the need for a temporary hiatus as the cast and crew would have time to recuperate and start anew in the new year of 2022.

Interestingly, Good Morning Britain was lauded for not taking a hiatus in the then two years since the global pandemic became a universal matter at the time.

This lent to the confusion of why the news and current affairs show was not available to stream on BritBox.

Where to watch online Good Morning Britain?

When did Good Morning Britain come back to BritBox?

To be emphatic, the hiatus that Good Morning Britain took earlier did not just mean that the news and current affairs show was not available in the US only, but the hiatus was universal, including in the UK, where it is shot live.

Hence, the issue was not one that just affected the US market, but it affected every country that previously had access to the show.

The extended hiatus lasted less than two weeks as it was confirmed on Monday, 20 December 2021 that the show was set to return on Monday, 4 January 2022, and it has been airing ever since.

Good Morning Britain: Longest running host

Good Morning Britain has introduced the US to several news anchors and presenters that have become synonymous with the news and current affairs show in the country.

Therefore, it is easier to believe that a long-running anchor like Lorraine Kelly is the anchor with the most episodes under their belt in the eight years of the series.

But in actual fact, Andi Peters, the competition’s presenter is the longest-running host with a total of 767 episodes and counting since he joined the show in 2014. Kelly is a close second with 694 episodes and counting, to date.

Good Morning Britain: When did Piers Morgan premiere?

Possibly the most contentious anchor and presenter from Good Morning Britain is Piers Morgan.

His alleged inflammatory stance on Meghan Markle coupled with his over-the-top fiery personality, makes it difficult to imagine the news and current affairs show without associating Morgan with it.

But Morgan was one of the late arrivals, as he made his debut on the show in 2015, a year after it first premiered. Morgan made the move from CNN in the US, to the UK and Good Morning Britain after his own CNN show was canned.