Did FBI change nights?

FBI did not change nights, except for one special episode which will air on a Sunday as a result of the election coverage and some production breaks.

Dick Wolf has been a producer, writer, and showrunner on many successful crime procedural shows, including FBI.

Even with the success that FBI has attained, the most recent fifth season of the show has had a very inconsistent schedule.

As a result, the show has featured a special Sunday episode and has taken a few production breaks, but it will be back to its regular Tuesday timeslot on 15 November 2022.

Why are Dick Wolf’s shows so popular?

FBI is just one show in a long list of shows by, Dick Wolf. It is rare for showrunners to have so many successful shows behind their names, and this is what makes Dick Wolf’s shows so special.

Dick Wolf’s first taste of success was with Law and Order, which premiered in 1990. However, since then he has managed to infuse the same procedural, intense action and unique storylines into many spin-off shows.

Although many people consider Wolf to be the father of modern crime procedurals and primetime television shows, even at 75 years old, he is still heavily involved in almost all of the executive functions of the shows that his company produces.

In fact, even now, near the end of the 2021 to 2022 television season, six out of the top 10 shows on the primetime rankings feature Dick Wolf in some capacity as writer, producer, or showrunner.

Did FBI change nights?

FBI has been one of the most successful Law and Order spin-off shows that Dick Wolf has produced, with its most recent fifth season averaging about 9.6 million viewers per episode so far in the year 2022.

Even with this relative success, FBI has a history of taking random and unforeseen breaks in their production.

Most recently, fans have noticed that they only see re-runs of previous episodes of this show in its usual Tuesday 8-9 PM (ET/PT) timeslot, since the 18th of October.

To add to this confusion, the show also aired a special Sunday episode on 6 November 2022 pre-emptively because the usual timeslot was taken up and replaced by election coverage on CBS.

This was then quickly followed by one of these random production breaks that the show has become infamous for.

However, if you are a fan of the show, you can rest assured knowing that FBI has not changed nights and it will continue to air new episodes of season five in the regular Tuesday timeslot from 15 November 2022.

Why has season 5 of FBI had so many production breaks?

It is not unusual for FBI to take random weeks off from production and even to skip weeks when airing new episodes. However, it is rare for these production breaks to take place multiple times in one season.

There are a few reasons why season five of the show, which started airing on 20 September 2022, has had such a strange schedule.

One reason is that the odd releases are just linked to an unusual filming schedule, but in this case, the show’s creators also decided to air season four’s finale in the middle of this season.

This was because they decided it was best not to release it on the day that it was originally meant to come out, in order to be sensitive to the victims of a real school shooting in Texas.

The election news coverage taking precedence has also contributed to the continuous changing of FBI’s usual timeslot and release dates.

What is so special about the special Sunday episode?

Aside from the fact that the sixth episode of the fifth season was moved to a Sunday timeslot on November 6 to make space for coverage of the election news on CBS, there is nothing particularly special about this episode.

This episode is called “Double Bind” and it centres around the kidnapping of a five year old boy and his mother, who seems to be hiding something about the case. It also features some building tension between Scola and Nina.

What you can expect for the next Tuesday episode of FBI

After this special Sunday episode, the next, seventh episode of the season will air in a regular Tuesday timeslot on 15 November 2022.

This episode will be especially exciting, as it will be the official return of Missy Peregrym’s character, Special Agent Maggie Bell.

From the synopsis, it is clear that a lot of this episode will revolve around Maggie as she tries to find her feet and reintegrate back into the team after the injuries she sustained in season four.