Did fuboTV drop Sundance?

fuboTV did drop the Sundance TV channels, as well as about a dozen AMC Networks channels at the beginning of 2023.

There are many different reasons why households may decide to move to streaming services from traditional cable television subscriptions.

fuboTV is known for its sports streaming content, but it also has many other genres. Unfortunately, AMC Networks channels, including the Sundance TV channel, have been dropped from the platform from this year.

Why are people cutting the cord with cable television?

These days, it seems like every television network and studio is coming out with its own streaming platform or subscription-based service and even though the competition in this market keeps increasing, most of these platforms’ subscription numbers are still increasing every new month.

There are many reasons why households decide to cut the cord with traditional cable television.

Saving on their monthly cable bills, hidden fees, low value perception, and general dissatisfaction with the quality and variety of shows within plans and bundles are some of the top reasons why people choose to move to streaming services instead.

Did fuboTV drop Sundance?

FuboTV is positioned as a streaming platform that is geared towards sports fanatics, with over 100 live sports channels that cover everything from soccer, football and wrestling to hockey, and more on the platform.

However, even with this being the case, fuboTV has over 4800 movies and over 1900 television shows in its catalogue, and this includes content of varying genres outside of the sports content.

However, since the New Year broke, many fuboTV subscribers will notice that they have access to considerably less content on the platform.

On 1 January 2023, a fuboTV spokesperson announced that a few channels that the AMC Networks own had been dropped by the platform and as such, they will no longer be available for subscribers to stream moving forward.

Besides the Sundance TV channel being dropped as part of this ordeal, some of the other AMC Network channels that were dropped include: AMC, AMC Premiere, BBC America, BBC World News, Spanish-language channels, El Gourmet and Mas Chic, IFC, and We TV.

All in all, about a dozen channels were removed from fuboTV after the platform’s content agreement with AMC Networks expired at the end of 2022.

The companies have not released any details about why they did not come to a new consensus after the first four-year agreement expired, but many fuboTV subscribers were saddened by the news.

In response, fuboTV released a statement in which they confirmed that while they are always open to adding the AMC Networks channels back onto the platform under a new agreement in the future, they do not have any plans to do so presently.

Will fuboTV subscribers be compensated for this loss of content?

fuboTV has stated on their website in a post discussing the removal of the AMC Networks channels from the platform that they will not be offering any credits or refunds pertaining to the removal of the AMC Networks channels moving forward.

Fortunately for big AMC Networks fans, if you recorded any of the removed AMC Networks shows and have them on your fuboTV Cloud DVR, they will not be removed.

This means that if you recorded any of the Sundance TV content, you will still have access to this content until you decide to delete the content yourself.

How is fuboTV changing the direction of its content moving forward?

Even though fuboTV did not renew its agreement with AMC Networks, the platform did sign a new agreement with Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Bally Sports regional sports networks recently.

This indicates a move by the platform to double-down on its sports channel offerings to subscribers and to refocus the genre of the content available on the platform.

Other ways to watch the AMC Networks channels

If you are one of the many disappointed fuboTV subscribers who has recently lost access to all of the AMC Networks channels, including the Sundance TV channel, you can try to find similar content on channels like ID, ION, ION Mystery, Oxygen, Comet and FXM.

These channels are still available on fuboTV, or you can try an alternative streaming service.

Some of the alternative streaming platforms that will give you access to most of the AMC Networks channels and Sundance TV, include:

Streaming service Subscription price Channels
AMC Plus $9 per month AMC, IFC, We TV, Sundance, and BBC America
Philo $25 per month AMC, IFC, We TV, BBC America, Sundance, and BBC World News
YouTube TV $65 per month AMC, BBC America, BBC World News, IFC, We TV, Sundance, and access to AMC Plus for an added fee
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