Did Instagram remove music from Notes?

Instagram has not removed the ability to add music to Notes entirely, but this feature is still in its testing phases.

Instagram has not removed the feature to add music to your Notes, but since the Notes feature is itself still in its testing phase, it has only been rolled out to a few users at a time.

Did Instagram remove music from Notes?

Notes is one of the newest features that has been added to the Instagram platform. It allows you to connect with your followers in even more ways than before.

Instagram Notes only appear at the top of your inbox on Instagram and these short messages allow you to share your thoughts quickly and easily, without messing up your ( possibly carefully curated) feed.

As this is still a relatively new feature on the platform, Instagram is still constantly updating and improving it as time goes on, which means that some users get access to cool features, like the ability to add music to your notes.

This new add-on will allow you to spice up your notes even more, with a selection of music from a wide variety of top artists. However, it also means that not all of these features have been rolled out to all Instagram users just yet.

Therefore, if you have noticed that the small music note button which allows you to add a song to your notes has suddenly vanished from your profile, you can rest assured that this feature has not been removed permanently.

But outside of trying a few clever tricks, there is also no telling when you may get this feature back again.

Try updating your Instagram app

New features, like the music feature for Instagram Notes, are often rolled out to new users along with a new app update.

Therefore, if you make sure that your Instagram app is always up to date, the chances are higher that you will get these new features as they are introduced.

Uninstall and reinstall your app

If you suspect that some kind of bug or glitch has caused the music feature on your Instagram Notes to disappear suddenly, then uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app (or even switching to a new device) may be your best option to resolve this issue.

Try switching to a different type of account

Platforms like Instagram often prevent business accounts from using music out of fear that this could infringe on copyright agreements.

For this reason, you may not have the option to add music to your Notes if you are currently using a business account.

However, some users have found that switching from a private account to a business account and back again can restore this feature.