Did Paramount Plus change price?

Paramount Plus will change the prices of the Essential Plan and the Premium plan after the platform integrates with Showtime later this year.

Paramount Plus has announced that there are big changes to come for the streaming service.

This includes an upcoming merger with Showtime and a subsequent increase in subscription prices for both the Paramount Plus Essential plan and the Paramount Plus Premium plans, after this merge has taken place.

Did Paramount Plus change price?

CBS’s old streaming hub was officially rebranded as Paramount Plus in 2020 and now the streaming service is undergoing yet another monumental change.

Paramount Global announced in February 2023 that the streaming service will be increasing its prices after it merges with Showtime.

These changes in Paramount Plus’s pricing structures will affect the Paramount Plus Essential plan, which is the platform’s most affordable plan which will not feature any of the Showtime content.

It will also affect the Paramount Plus Premium plan, which is ad-free and will feature content from Showtime after the integration at no additional cost.

These price changes can be summarized as follows:

Paramount Plus subscription plan Current price Price after the integration Change in price
Paramount Plus Essential plan $4.99 per month $5.99 per month +$1 per month
Paramount Plus Premium plan $9.99 per month $11.99 per month +$2 per month

How does this change compare to the price of the current Paramount Plus and Showtime bundle?

Hearing about price increases from your favorite streaming service is never fun, but for subscribers who already have the Paramount Plus premium plan with the additional Showtime bundle, this new pricing structure will make absolutely no difference.

This bundle is currently available at the special low price of $11.99 per month, which is exactly the same price that the Premium plan will be after the Paramount Plus and Showtime merge.

What will happen to the Paramount Plus promotional pricing?

Though the Paramount Plus subscription prices may be changing, Naveen Chopra, who is the Chief Financial Officer, has promised that the Paramount Plus platform will continue to allow subscribers to “continue to take advantage of promotional pricing, annual plans and bundles” on the platform.

This means that the platform’s seven-day free trial period will also likely stay intact after the integration.

When will this price increase happen?

Though the Paramount Global executives have been specific about the price changes that subscribers can expect for the upcoming Paramount Plus and Showtime merger, they have been less forthcoming about when this will happen.

Right now, Paramount Plus has only confirmed that this change will be happening “later” in 2023, but experts believe that the integration will take place around the fall of this year.

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