Did Shetland get cancelled?

BBC One’s hit crime drama series, Shetland was not cancelled, though it was speculated following the season seven exit of lead character, DI Jimmy Perez.

Shetland premiered on BBC One in 2013 and has been one of the flagship shows for the channel ever since. Shetland is premised on DI Jimmy Perez and his team solving the mysterious murders in and around the island town of Shetland.

However, when it was confirmed that the lead character was leaving the series at the end of its most current season, there was speculation about the fate of the series.

However, it has been confirmed that the series will have a season eight and it has not been cancelled.

Why would Shetland be cancelled?

Douglas Henshall, who played the role of DI Jimmy Perez, is the lead of the dark crime murder mystery series, Shetland.

The premise of the series centres around the character as it started when he moved to Shetland after the death of his wife and because he wanted to create a safe home for his stepdaughter, Cassie.

Therefore, when it was announced that Henshall planned to leave the series, the logical conclusion was that the series would also end as it was losing its anchor. The series played out this premise during season seven’s final moments.

Did Shetland get cancelled?

Shetland returned with its seventh season in August 2022. However, even before the series’ return with its most recent season, its fate was already confirmed a month in advance.

This is as BBC One confirmed that the series had already been greenlit for an eighth season.

An eighth season was confirmed in advance due to the belief that BBC One wanted to ease the viewers’ concerns before the last season in which Douglas Henshall left the show.

The series was dedicated to giving its leading man a fitting send-off. This is as Henshall had made his intentions clear of wanting to leave the show at the end of season five, and the last two seasons were dedicated to giving him a character arc which would be fitting to his storyline.

Confirming the news of an eighth season, BBC released a statement which, in part, stated, “A Silverprint Pictures production, Shetland will return for an eighth series in 2023, with a new lead and further casting to be announced in due course.”

Moreover, it was confirmed that the shooting of season eight is set to begin in spring 2023. Therefore, it may be safe to assume that the eighth season will most likely premiere in the fall/winter of 2023.

Shetland: Who will take over as the lead?

With BBC One yet to confirm who will take over the leading role in the eighth season of Shetland following the exit of Douglas Henshall, it has opened room for fans of the show to speculate.

The fans mostly believe that Alison O’Donnell, who plays the role of DS Alison “Tosh” McIntosh may just become DI Alison “Tosh” McIntosh, taking over the reins as the lead of the series, which the last moments of season seven seemed to suggest as Perez did tell Tosh that she is in charge.

Moreover, although Tosh expressed that she is not ready, it seems that Perez, like the viewing audience, believes that she is.

Shetland: Possible premise and plot

Shetland has a set premise, as each season has six hour-long episodes that are focused on an ongoing crime murder mystery that needs to be solved. Throughout this, we get insight into the lead characters and the development of their relationship.

With DJ Jimmy Perez, we can assume that another major plot in the premise will be whoever is cast as the lead and successor to Perez, having to deal with the pressure of the position.

Moreover, if a new detective is introduced, fans should expect an arc that will show how they integrate into the team knowing that they are filling in a gap for someone who was so beloved.

Shetland: Bidding farewell to Douglas Henshall

Since there was no bad blood between Douglas Henshall and the cast and crew of Shetland, the show’s production team, along with the cast and crew, gave him all of his flowers when he left the series after nine years and seven seasons.

BBC Drama Executive Producer, Gaynor Holmes, stated, “We will miss him enormously but he leaves the show in rude health and we’re extremely excited about the plans we have for bringing more of this much loved drama to audiences far and wide.”