Did The Society end on a cliffhanger?

The Society did end on a cliffhanger after just one season, which has led fans to develop their own theories about New Ham and West ham.

There are few things sadder than when an intriguing series like The Society is cancelled before it could explain everything because of something as simple as budgeting issues.

Unfortunately, The Society was cancelled after just one season and this cliffhanger conclusion left fans of the show with lingering questions.

Some of these were about how the New Ham teens ended up where they were and how they would continue to live without the knowledge that the old West ham was still operating as normal.

Why was The Society cancelled?

Netflix’s teen drama series, The Society, followed the story of a group of teenagers who return home after a school fieldtrip only to discover that everyone in their home town, and in the rest of the world, had disappeared.

The second season of The Society was set to start filming in 2020, but when various production restrictions were imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost to produce the show started outweighing the potential return. As a result, Netflix decided to cancel it instead.

Did The Society end on a cliffhanger?

Fans have been lamenting the untimely cancellation of their favourite shows for as long as television shows have been produced. But when a series like The Society is cancelled after just one season, it can be absolutely heart-breaking.

What makes this even worse is that The Society’s creators were so clearly setting up the show’s second season, and now fans will never get to see what actually happened to the residents of New Ham.

The fact that The Society ended on such a cliffhanger with so many questions still up in the air, is likely why fans are still talking about the show to this day.

In fact, they have even gone as far as to start a Change.org petition to try and get the series renewed.

At this point, it seems unlikely that the show will come back, and this means that fans will never get an answer as to how New Ham would have operated under the newly-imposed leadership of Lexie, Campbell, and Harry.

On a much more intriguing note, however, this season one finale also revealed to viewers that the teens in New Ham were not totally alone on the planet as they had suspected they were all along, but that their parents were still alive, not to mention the mysterious person who Allie saw before she was shot.

Not only did this change the entire premise of the narrative, but it also opened up the series to a whole host of new theories with regard to what actually happened to the group of New Ham teens and how they could possibly undo it.

About the first season of The Society

The first, and only, season of The Society set up the show perfectly for a long run, with ten total episodes, which can be summarised as follows:

Episode order Title
Episode 1 What Happened
Episode 2 Our Town
Episode 3 Childhood’s End
Episode 4 Drop by Drop
Episode 5 Putting on the Clothes
Episode 6 Like a F-ing God or Something
Episode 7 Allie’s Rules
Episode 8 Poison
Episode 9 New Names
Episode 10 How It Happens

Where did everyone go in The Society?

The central question in the first season of The Society was always how the group of teens ended up in their own bubble when they returned “home” after their school field trip.

Through the course of the first season, many characters posited their own theories about where exactly this group of teens ended up.

This ranged from Gordie and Bean’s theory that they had actually been transported to an alternate universe and were on a planet that was not exactly earth, to fan theories that the New Ham teens were dead or being held hostage by Pfeiffer.

Why did adults disappear in The Society?

Though The Society was not around long enough for the series to explain everything, the season one finale did reveal that the adults in their town had not actually disappeared.

In fact, this episode showed Allie’s mother, Amanda, reading to a group of children. In the background of this scene, there was a plaque titled “We Remember Them” with all of the names of the New Ham group.

This indicates that the old town of West Ham was still operating normally, and that actually, the New Ham teens were the ones who disappeared.

Are the teens in The Society actually dead?

The revelation that the rest of the world had not disappeared completely has led many fans to theorise that the teens in New Ham may have died during their field trip and were stuck in “limbo” until they could process what had happened.

This theory has become quite popular. This is because of the underlying biblical themes in the first season of the series and the fact that the “We Remember Them” plaque could have been made in remembrance of their deaths.

What would have happened in season 2 of The Society?

The Society might have ended unexpectedly, but this untimely conclusion does mean that the show’s creators already had the scripts for the second season planned out.

Chris Keyser, who is the creator of the series, has dropped some hints that the second season would likely have seen the New Ham kids split into two factions, which would make sense following the coup staged in the finale of the first season.

How was The Society supposed to end?

Fans will likely never get the satisfaction of getting an explanation for the theories that were posited about how the group of New Ham teens ended up where they did.

However, Keyser did reveal that the show’s creators planed on eventually revealing “What the cause of that was, how they might return home.”

From what Keyser has said about their plans for the second season, it is likely that the characters would have had to learn a lot about compassion and leadership before they found any answers.