Did TikTok get rid of “Favorites” videos?

The fact that the “Favorites” feature has disappeared from some users’ TikTok accounts seems to be a mistake and not a permanent change on the platform.

TikTok has had many interface and feature updates throughout the years to improve the user experience on the platform.

One such feature, which improves the user experience, is the “Favorites” feature. However, this feature has recently disappeared from the platform for some users, but this is not a permanent change.

Additional features on the TikTok platform

TikTok has been steadily growing since its initial launch in 2016 and there has been a steady stream of new updates and features to the mobile application to keep users interested and engaged and to keep the platform feeling fresh and new.

This includes features such as new filters and sounds, but also bigger interface updates like the addition of stories and playlists, which assists users to find, share, and save content from the platform that they enjoy.

These additional features also allow users to interact with content and other users on TikTok in new and exciting ways, which could lead to the platform becoming even more popular in the future.

Did TikTok get rid of “Favorites” videos?

One of the features that formed part of TikTok’s interface and that many users on the platform regularly used and enjoyed is the “Favorites” function.

This feature allowed users to distinguish between videos that they “Liked” and videos that were some of their favourites to watch.

This “Favorites” function was also a popular way for people to save and catalogue videos that they may have wanted to go back and watch again.

However, some users have found that this feature has disappeared from their TikTok app since May 2022.

People have speculated that this may be due to a bug in a newer version of the TikTok mobile application that activated when the application updated on some devices.

Other devices have installed all of the updates to date and have had no issues with the Favorites function disappearing.

This inconsistency and the lack of an official statement from the TikTok team addressing the removal of the Favorites feature implies that this feature disappearing was not a planned removal or a change in the interface made by the platform, but rather, just a bug in the system.

Fortunately, the fact that this is only a small issue and not a permanent change means that there are various troubleshooting solutions you can try to restore this feature.

It is also worthwhile to ensure that you know how the Favorites feature works and where to find your favourite videos, so that you can consistently check whether this feature has been restored when updates are made to your device and application.

Troubleshooting solutions for the missing TikTok Favourites feature

Other TikTok users who have noticed that their Favorites feature disappeared from their mobile application, have had success restoring the function using the following troubleshooting solutions:

  • Completely uninstalling and reinstalling the application
  • Resetting their password, then logging out of the TikTok mobile application and logging in again
  • Making sure that their TikTok application is updated to the newest available version

Users have also noticed that the Favorites feature disappeared when they switched their account to a new device. However, the “favorited” videos were still available on their old device when they logged back into their TikTok account on it.

This is good to keep in mind if you need to find one of your previously favorited videos.

How to use the Favourite feature on TikTok

In order to Favourite a video on TikTok, you can click on the “Favorite” button underneath the Like button on the video. However, if your device does not have this button, you can follow these steps:

  • Step one: Click on the “Share” button on the right side of the screen
  • Step two: Select the “Add to Favorites” option from the list

If you do not have this option, you should check now and then to see if the bug has been corrected and if you can access this feature again.

How to find your favorited videos on TikTok

Once you have added a video to your Favourites, a pop-up message will appear on your screen that allows you to, “Manage your Favorites.” However, if you missed this option or you want to go to your Favourites folder, you can follow these steps:

  • Step one: Navigate to your profile
  • Step two: Look for the “Favourite” icon next to your liked video or follower count, and click on it

You can also manage your favourite videos from this folder.