Did TikTok remove watch history?

The “Watch history” feature was removed from most TikTok profiles, but there are ways to find your recently watched videos through the Discover page and downloading your data.

TikTok has become known as a platform that offers users a unique experience that is different from interactions on other social media sites.

One of the features that users on TikTok enjoyed was the “Watched videos” feature, but since this feature has been removed from most users’ profiles, there are other ways to find the videos that you recently watched.

Why is TikTok so popular?

With over one billion active users, TikTok is one of the largest social media platforms on the internet. This is likely due to the fact that TikTok offers users a unique experience, which they are unlikely to have on other similar platforms.

TikTok is known for having informal and entertaining content that users can scroll through for hours on end.

The incredibly accurate predictions from the algorithm and the “For You” page, where the predicted content is showcased, also sets TikTok apart from other social media sites and the way that they work.

Did TikTok remove watch history?

Since the content on this platform can be consumed so easily and continuously, users will often want to go back and view content that they have seen, again.

As a result of this, TikTok introduced a “Watch history” feature in March 2022, that allowed users to see which videos they had already viewed on their TikTok accounts. However, some users have found that this “Watch history” feature has now been removed from their settings menu.

The public speculation is that this was done by the TikTok team in an update, to reduce the amount of space that the TikTok mobile application takes up on mobile devices.

When this application stores all of the videos that users have watched for the last seven days, as well as the other cache and application data of the app, TikTok may be taking up too much memory and storage space on a users’ devices.

This has come as a shock to many users who grew accustomed to being able to find videos that they had accidentally scrolled past or missed when they refreshed their feeds. Fortunately, some users can still find the “Watch history” tab in their settings and there are two additional ways that you can find the videos that you recently watched.

Where to find the “Watch history” under settings

Although it seems like the “Watch history” feature has been removed for most accounts, it is always best to first make sure that this is also the case with your account before dismissing it completely or taking alternative action to fix this, by following these steps:

  • Step one: Click on your profile icon in the bottom right corner of your TikTok mobile application
  • Step two: Select the menu button in the top right corner of your screen
  • Step three: Click on the “Settings and Privacy” option from the menu

If you have the “Watch history” feature, you have the option to select this feature from the “Content and Activity” tab in the settings menu. If this feature is not listed under this tab, you need to use your discover page or click on the “Download your data” option.

Finding your watched videos using the discover page

You can also use your TikTok discover page as a work-around for finding videos that you have recently watched and then filtering the results further. To do this, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Step one: Navigate to the “Discover” page
  • Step two: Find the search bar at the top of the page and search just an asterisk “*”
  • Step three: Use the settings alongside the search bar to toggle on the “Watched videos” option

This refines your search and you will be able to watch the videos that you have watched in the past 7 days. Some users have had luck with typing “Watched videos” into the search bar and refining the search in the same way, or even searching for key hashtags that were included in the video(s) that they want to watch again.

Finding your watched videos using the “Download your data” feature

You can find your browsing history for the TikTok mobile application by downloading your data. In order to do this, you must follow these steps:

  • Step one: Navigate to your profile
  • Step two: Open the settings menu by clicking on the three lines in the top-right corner of your screen
  • Step three: Select the “Settings and Privacy” option and then the “Privacy” option
  • Step four: Click on “Download your data” and then select the ZIP format