Did Yellowstone get a new Carter?

Yellowstone did not replace Finn Little with a new Carter on season five, he just had a growth-spurt that left him taller and lankier than in season four.

There are many elements of Yellowstone that have appealed to its fans and that have helped to make it such a popular show over the years.

Finn Little is most well-known for his role as Carter on this popular show, but his huge growth-spurt over the series’ production break has made him almost unrecognisable. However, Carter is still being played by the same actor in season five.

Why has Yellowstone become such a popular show?

The first season of Yellowstone aired on the Paramount Network in 2018. More recently the fifth season of the show premiered on 13 November 2022, to the delight of the 12.1 million viewers who tuned in to watch the season on the first day.

Experts and viewers have weighed in over the years with their opinions about why this show has managed to become so popular.

In reality, there is a combination of elements including classic Americana elements, beautiful scenery, a talented cast, and an intricate storyline about a family that will double-cross each other in the pursuit of power, which makes the show so well-loved.

Did Yellowstone get a new Carter?

Even though the fifth season has introduced many new characters into the mix at the Yellowstone Ranch, one of the faces that shocked audiences the most was one that they had already seen before.

Viewers of the show were introduced to Carter in season four, when Beth met him on the same day that his father passed away.

As the relationship between Beth, who had been struggling for years to have children of her own, and the now-orphaned Carter developed, she and her partner, Rip, eventually decided to adopt the young boy and make him a permanent part of their family.

However, when fans of the show saw Carter return in the newest season of the show, many people did not even recognise him. Carter is still played by the same actor as in the previous seasons.

Finn Little just had an enormous puberty-fuelled growth-spurt during the off season, which transitioned him from a chubby little boy to a lanky-looking teenager.

The cast, crew, and fans of the show have taken Finn’s sudden growth spurt in their stride, and in classic Yellowstone fashion, young Finn Little not only had to juggle all of the jokes from fans on social media.

But also the real-life reactions that he got on set and the comments written into the script with regard to his sudden change in stature.

Fortunately, Finn has already had a very successful acting career so far and with the success of Yellowstone likely continuing in the future, it will not be long before people do not even remember him as the young chubby-cheeked boy on the fourth season of the series.

Finn Little’s acting career

Besides his role as Carter on Yellowstone, Finn Little has had quite a successful acting career in his childhood and now, his early teen years.

This sixteen year-old actor from Australia, began his career at the age of five with roles in various Australian television commercials, but he has also had serious acting roles in films like Storm Boy, Angel of Mine, Reckoning, Harrow, and Tidelands.

The creator of Yellowstone first met Finn on a film called Those Who Wish Me Dead and Taylor Sheridan was so impressed with Finn’s acting on this feature film, that he wrote Carter’s role specifically for him.

How has the show handled Carter’s sudden growth spurt?

Finn has joked about the reactions that he got when he returned to the set of Yellowstone for the filming of season five on social media and Cole Houser, who plays Rip on the show has also joked about what it was like filming scenes with Finn after this growth spurt.

The reactions that Finn’s sudden changes caused on set are likely partially what convinced the writers to include a few jokes about Carter aging up in the fifth season premiere episode, in a conversation between Carter and John Dutton where Carter jokingly re-introduces himself to John as if they had never met.

What does the future hold for Carter on Yellowstone?

Although season four introduced Finn to Yellowstone audiences as the adorable Carter, his storyline was extremely depressing.

The creator of the show, Taylor Sheridan has confirmed that Carter will have an easier go of things in this new season and that he will likely spend most of his time learning new things and taking time to find his footing as he enters his teenage years.