Dineo Moeketsi dispels pregnancy rumours

On Wednesday, 10 July 2019, South African media personality Dineo Moeketsi took to Twitter to disprove claims that she is pregnant.

Following claims by local media, The Queen actress, Dineo Moeketsi, took to Twitter to confirm that she is not pregnant. She angrily expressed that there was an individual from a local publication who made claims that she is pregnant when, in fact, she is not. The rumour was sparked following a picture that she took sitting with her hip-hop artist husband, Solo, according to the post.

Dineo further explained that she did not take pictures at the Vodacom Durban July because of her designer having failed to produce the dress she desired for the event. In an earlier post from Saturday, 6 July 2019, Dineo tweeted that she was disappointed by the designer and had to instead wear a casual outfit to the Durban July event. She still went to the annual horse racing event, nonetheless. Dineo also mentioned, in the same post, that if she refused to take any pictures, it was for that reason.

Dineo was not impressed by the claims that she is pregnant and cheekily tweeted, “There’s enough pregnant people to go around, I’m certainly not one of them and don’t intend to be.” The post has since received over 60 retweets and over 800 likes on Twitter.