Dineo Ranaka supports Zodwa Wabantu’s chicken and egg business

Dineo Ranaka is the latest celebrity to express her support for Zodwa Wabantu’s chicken and egg business, which she believes is an excellent initiative from the entertainer.

Dineo Ranaka appeared in a recent Instagram post by Zodwa Wabantu on Monday, 18 January 2021, which showed her visiting her home to support her business. Zodwa Wabantu’s video showed Dineo being welcomed into her home, as she thanked her repeatedly for fitting her into her busy schedule and supporting her chicken and egg business.

Dineo graciously accepted the compliments, but explained that although she is working hard, no one is working as hard as Zodwa Wabantu. The media personality praised Zodwa Wabantu for being innovative during the pandemic, as entertainers have no option but to get up and work hard every day to survive. Dineo purchased four trays of 60 eggs and one tray of 30 eggs, making sure to support Zodwa Wabantu’s new business venture as much as she could.

Watch the video below.


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