DJ Fresh and Euphonik’s rape case dismissed

DJ Fresh and Euphonik have informed the public that the sexual assault allegations levelled against them have been dismissed, as they are said to be “without merit.”

DJ Fresh and Euphonik took to Twitter on Monday, 15 February 2021, to release a joint statement confirming that the rape allegations made against them have been dismissed. According to the DJs, all the claims made by the plaintiff, Ms Madikizela, have been investigated and found to be without merit.

They stated, “We are pleased to state that, after considering all evidence collected while investigating the claim made by Ms Madikizela against us, the Chief Prosecutor has dismissed the allegations on the basis that the allegations are without merit.”

The DJs also expressed their concern at the fact that the plaintiff supposedly used gender-based violence as a weapon against them, as they believe that the issue is a serious one in South Africa. Since being accused, DJ Fresh and Euphonik have been released from their contractual obligations with Primedia and will be focusing on their personal careers outside the large media company.

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