DJ Fresh discusses earlier engagements with DJ Tira, DJ Cleo and Euphonik

DJ Fresh shared numerous nuggets of wisdom during his interview with radio personality, Kyeezi, on Chopping It Up, whilst detailing his contribution to some of his peers’ careers.

DJ Fresh was featured as the celebrity guest on Kyeezi’s Instagram Live talk show, Chopping It Up, on Tuesday, 26 May 2020. The informative conversation spanned over two hours, resulting in two separate videos on the host’s Instagram TV.

On Twitter, DJ Fresh shared numerous snippets from the interview, detailing his experience in the entertainment industry and his encounters with various prominent DJs in their earlier years. Some of the names that came up during the interview were DJ Cleo, DJ Tira, DJ Sox and Euphonik.

One of DJ Fresh’s posts was of him speaking about the lesson that he learnt from Euphonikon mental scarcity. The 947 drive-time host further proudly stated that he came up with DJ Tira and DJ Sox’s collective stage name, Durban’s Finest.

Watch the videos below.