DJ Fresh focuses on mixes and gigs after leaving 94.7

DJ Fresh’s exit from 94.7 was detailed as amicable in a statement issued, following sexual harassment allegations that were levelled against him and friend, Euphonik.

DJ Fresh left his drive-time show on 94.7 in February 2021. This was after he and fellow DJ, Euphonik, were accused of sexual harassment. The social media user alleged that her drink was spiked and she could not remember the events of the night. However, she claimed that when she woke up, she realised she had been sexually harassed.

Primedia subsequently suspended the two until the investigation had been concluded. However, after weeks of no conclusion, despite the charges being dropped due to a lack of evidence, DJ Fresh and Euphonik announced that they would not be returning to the station.

Since then, DJ Fresh has kept a low profile on social media. He occasionally returns to share promotional posts o upcoming gigs and his mixes. He has opted to stop posting on Twitter and focus on his other social media platforms instead, such as Instagram.