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DJ Fresh insistent on clearing his name

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DJ Fresh has revealed new information from the court investigation into the rape allegations made against him, which support his claims that his accuser fabricated her entire story.

DJ Fresh is on a mission to clear his name and restore his reputation, after he and fellow DJ, Euphonik, were accused of rape by a young woman known as Nampree on Twitter. Whilst the media personality previously revealed that the case had been dismissed due to a lack of evidence, he did not receive the response he desired. Some South Africans initiated a discussion on the supposed lack of trust and sympathy for alleged victims.

In an attempt to further establish that the allegations were completely false, DJ Fresh shared a tweet on Wednesday, 17 February 2021, to support his claims. It is believed that he had been in contact with the alleged victim’s aunt, who reportedly accused her of being a pathological liar.

He went on to say that his accuser had gotten everyone in a frenzy over lies, and that he would be revealing more information to prove his claims. In a statement released today, 18 February 2021, DJ Fresh shared that he had been granted access to statements received during the investigation, which proved that his accuser’s friend, whom she claimed to have been with when the incident occurred, had denied any involvement. Moreover, she reportedly stated that the incident did not happen, to her knowledge.

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