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DJ Kaygo releases a teaser for his single Father Figure

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DJ Kaygo releases a teaser for his single Father Figure

DJ Kaygo has released a teaser video for his upcoming Father Figure music video featuring Reason, Kid X and Gemini Major.

Father Figure was released as a single by hip-hop producer and deejay DJ Kaygo in September 2018. The song is his third single following the release of the second single and hit song My Own Way, which was released in February 2018 and features hip-hop group DreamTeam and rapper Tweezy.

Father Figure’s beats and sound are lo-fi and reggae-influenced. Acclaimed producer and artist Gemini Major sings the hook of the song and the verses of the song are written and performed by popular rappers Kid X and Reason.

The teaser of the music video shows an underground female fight-club in a run-down, grimy building. Men with suitcases are seen placing bets on their favourite fighter and betting on the odds of the fights. The font used relies on the familiarity of being the typography used in The GodFather’s title sequence, and the aesthetic draws on this motif with low-lit and starkly contrasted visuals.

DJ Kaygo worked with popular music video production house Uprooted Media in the making of the video. The production house boasts a long list of music videos, including DJ Sliqe’s Bays featuring AKA and Yanga Chief as well as Ma-E’s Ngawe, featuring AKA and Master A Flat.

The release of the music video is scheduled for later in the week.

Watch the Father Figure teaser below.

Sabelo Makhubo
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