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DJ Maphorisa lambastes up-and-coming DJs competing with him

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DJ Maphorisa has voiced his frustrations with up-and-coming DJs that appear to be competing with him through power struggles games over the deejaying booth.

DJ Maphorisa took to Twitter on Monday, 7 June 2021, to air his frustrations on up-and-coming DJs. The post suggested that despite their novelty to the world of deejaying, they do not have a sense of decorum. Maphorisa suggested that after having just finished his set, one such DJ attempted to “act fresh” by placing their laptop in the booth as he was wrapping up. He concluded the post by asserting that should it occur again, he would embarrass the DJ in public.

A DJ that was bothered by the sentiments shared by Maphorisa, one half of Scorpion Kings, commented, “But this is crazy, if you go beyond the time we contractually agreed on and I’m not happy about it, le security nka o bitsetsa sona se o thaose, Lord Phori of nie. (I could even get security to escort you out of the DJing booth, Lord Phori or not) Why should you hog the tables the whole night when you are not the only person I’ve paid to render service?”

In response, Maphorisa made it clear that should a promoter or DJ attempt such, there would be consequences.

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