DJ Sbu announces Mzekezeke’s new album release date

Kwaito artist Mzekezeke is set to release a new album on 1 March 2019 according to his record label co-owner DJ Sbu.

Radio presenter and businessman DJ Sbu is unlikely ever to escape speculation that he is the artist behind the Mzekezeke mask. Nevertheless, he remains a steadfast supporter of the Kwaito musician, and often promotes his work on social media.

On Tuesday, 30 October 2018, Sbu took to Instagram to announce the expected release date for Mzekezeke’s highly-anticipated new album.

“Mzekezeke first shot into fame back in 2001 with his award-winning debut album “Sguqa Ngamadolo”, he would go on to dominate the African music scene with his ghetto kwaito inspired hits that would win him millions of fans and 5 award winning albums in a career lasting longer than his critics could have imagined. He is back with a festive season hit titled “Nay Lento” and is currently in studio for a full kwaito album [to] release March 1st, 2019,” he wrote.

Sbu went on in his post to joke about Mzekezeke’s apparent ‘kidnapping by aliens’ during his hiatus from the music industry. “According to him he was abducted by Aliens in Tembisa while conducting his Taxi business where he owned about 100 taxis around Ekurhuleni. Apparently, he is now back to drop his new single titled Nay Lento this coming Friday afternoon. He was spotted this year 2018 June 16 in JHB CBD falling out of an Alien Spaceship,” Sbu wrote.

DJ Sbu and Mzekezeke are co-owners of recording company Mzekezeke music and have so far released Sbu’s collaborated single with Portia Monique titled, ‘Beautiful’. Mzekezeke is also the brand ambassador for Sbu’s energy drink Mofaya.