DJ Sumbody treats Rorisang to the finer things in life in Lerato music video

DJ Sumbody’s Lerato music video, featuring Rorisang, sees the pair appearing as a couple that makes time to cultivate their relationship into something long-lasting.

DJ Sumbody’s music video for his single, Lerato, featuring Rorisang, was released on Monday, 15 March 2021. The Pilot Films production sees DJ Sumbody pulling out all the stops to impress his girlfriend, played by featured artist, Rorisang, who appears to have gotten used to his extravagant treatment. The visuals are initially set in a luxurious house, before showcasing the two exploring Hartbeespoort Dam on a speedboat. DJ Sumbody also treats her to a lavish dinner and she is constantly impressed by his execution of all of their dates.

In a statement from Sony Music on Monday, DJ Sumbody explained that the song is about waiting for the perfect love and saving all of yourself for a person who is worth it. He also shared why he chose to feature Rorisang on the song, stating that he has been a fan of her since she was in the group, Muzart.

He stated, “What inspired the song (I must give all credit to Rorisang) is love, and the fact that she’s still a virgin at her age, all in the name of waiting for love! It took us about a day (five to six hours) to complete the song, we created the beat while she was in studio and she just started flowing, and what I really like and enjoy about working with Rorisang is that she is just very chilled, so easy to work with and fun… In short, she is amazing!”

Watch the Lerato music video below.