DJ Tira features in Nox Guni’s Stay With Me music video

Nox Guni has released the music video for his intra-continental single with DJ Tira, Stay With Me, which documents the making of the single.

DJ Tira took to Instagram on Wednesday, 23 June 2021, to confirm the availability of the Stay With Me music video. The single is by leading Zimbabwean musician, Nox Guni. The song features DJ Tira and was produced by acclaimed South African producer, Prince Bulo. Therefore, the music video plays on the creation of the single as part of its premise.

The narrative of the music video appears to be inspired by the lyrical content of the song. Lyrically, Guni calls for his interest to be assured of his commitment. Moreover, it is affirmation that despite the troubles they have faced in the past, should he be given a second chance, he will ensure that they are always happy together.

Therefore, the narrative starts with Guni arriving in Durban to work on the song, until he meets his love interest. The rest of the music video showcases the lengths he goes to in order to be noticed by his love interest.

Watch the Stay With Me music video below.