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DJ Zinhle introduces the Era by DJ Zinhle Empowerment Projects

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DJ Zinhle’s Era by DJ Zinhle store closed due to protest action

Award-winning musician and businesswoman, DJ Zinhle’s accessories brand has launched a female empowerment initiative called the Era by DJ Zinhle Empowerment Projects.

In a post shared today, 18 September 2019, DJ Zinhle explained that her projects, Era by DJ Zinhle Campus Agents and Era Sales Affiliates, will see young women being tasked to sell the watch range to potential customers and earn a commission whilst working with a sales target. The initiative hopes to empower women to create a business of their own, powered by the Erabydjzinhle range, which will allow them to gain experience in sales whilst earning an income.

Kholiwe Manyoni, project manager for the initiative stated, “ECA (Era by DJ Zinhle Campus Agents) and ESA (Era Sales Affiliates) are brand and sales representatives of Era by DJ Zinhle in the area allocated to them. They have direct contact with potential or current Era by DJ Zinhle customers, giving them first-hand information about Era by DJ Zinhle’s products and services for the solicitation of orders resulting in sales. These projects were created to empower women by giving them the opportunity to earn an income and gain sales experience.”

The ECA employees are brand and sales representatives, who are allocated to specific campuses where they have direct contact with scouted Era by DJ Zinhle customers. The ESA employees will be tasked with a specific location, where they are able to sell the product to customers outside of the campus space.  The brand has shared application forms on the Era by DJ Zinhle website, where it asks candidates to state why they feel they would be able to execute the job sufficiently and to offer their opinions on the products currently available for purchase.

Sayushka Naidoo
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