DJ Zinhle is finding it difficult to balance motherhood and her career

On Thursday, 20 Spetember 208, DJ Zinhle, who is also a businesswoman, took to Twitter to commend mothers for making motherhood look easy.

The mother to the three-year-old Kairo has quite a busy schedule and often works during odd hours because of the industry she’s in.

She mentioned that this month has been a difficult one. “I leave home before Kairo wakes up & she’s asleep by the time I get home”. She also added that she often calls her from work and that Kairo would cry all the time.

DJ Zinhle shares baby Kairo with her ex-boyfriend and rapper AKA, who is also in the entertainment industry. The pair broke up just before Kairo was born, due to cheating allegations on AKA’s side, who was rumoured to have been cheating with Bonang Matheba. After Zinhle and AKA’s break-up, AKA and Bonang pursued a relationship together.

As much as motherhood may be a tough journey, DJ Zinhle says she enjoys it and what makes her happy the most is to see Kairo’s perspective on life. She says Kairo enjoys little things and has taught her a lot about life in general.

Zinhle added that motherhood is “beautiful but tough.”

While speaking to Living and Loving, DJ Zinhle mentioned that she trusts her baby and gives her a room to try out new things. “I don’t panic around her I also like challenging her; she’s a smart little girl,” she said.