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DJ Zinhle labelled the face of women who have been cheated on by some social media users

DJ Zinhle celebrates her Umlilo lyrics being quoted during a church sermon

Social media has been split in their reactions after DJ Zinhle started trending for posting images with Jessica Nkosi, with many labelling her the face of women that have been cheated on.  

DJ Zinhle shared a series of images in the early hours of Thursday, 19 September 2019, of the time she spent with her fellow celebrity friends, Ms Cosmo, Moozlie and Jessica Nkosi at the OLAY event which was hosted on Wednesday, 18 September 2019. Jessica Nkosi recently made headlines after revealing that the father of her child and supposed partner, actor, Ntokozo ‘TK’ Dlamini, was allegedly captured cheating on her by her social media followers.

Ironically, it is DJ Zinhle that suffered the brunt from social media after posting the images of the foursome during the OLAY event. The initial social media commentary on the image lambasted the Umlilo hitmaker, branding her the face of women who have been cheated on.

One Twitter user posted a video from DJ Zinhle’s Instagram stories, with clown emojis as the caption. A social media user commented on the post with laughing emojis, asking, “Why does every woman in the industry after being cheated on run straight to DJ Zinhle? She must start charging them.” Most of the negative commentary that then ensued started referring to her as a clown.

However, many social media users came to her defence, with one fan stating, “[You all] know [that] DJ Zinhle and Jessica Nkosi have been hanging out way before this, right?” Another social media user stated, “You fools must leave DJ Zinhle alone! She was friends with Jessica way before everything. You all are sickening sometimes.”

Other comments focussed on the fact that it was women that were cyberbullying DJ Zinhle. One comment read, “I am so embarrassed to be a woman. [It is other] women dragging and bullying DJ Zinhle because of Jessica Nkosi’s cheating boyfriend. I know life can humble you to a point where you will understand why relationships have no manual. You could be next in a karma list.”

Watch the video that sparked the conversation below.

Sabelo Makhubo
[email protected]